Microsoft Entra ID P1


    The service

    Azure Active Directory Premium provides single sign-on to thousands of cloud (SaaS) apps and access to web apps you run on-premises. Built for ease of use, Azure Active Directory Premium features multi-factor authentication (MFA); access control based on device health, user location, and identity; and holistic security reports, audits, and alerts.

    Target market

    Best suited for small-to-medium sized businesses with up to 300 employees.

    Application and advantages for customers

    Designed to empower organizations with more demanding identity and access management needs, this service adds feature-rich enterprise-level identity management capabilities and enables hybrid users to seamlessly access on-premises and cloud capabilities. This edition includes everything you need for information workers and identity administrators in hybrid environments across application access, self-service identity and access management (IAM), and security in the cloud.

    Technical features

    Includes the following:

    • Cloud App Discovery: Discover applications in use and measure usage by number of users, volume of traffic or number of web requests to the application; export data for additional offline analysis; and prioritize applications to bring under IT control and integrate applications easily to enable single sign-on and user management.
    • Application Proxy: Provides secure remote access to on-premises web applications. After a single sign-on to Azure AD, users can access both cloud and on-premises applications through an external URL or an internal application portal.
    • Dynamic groups: Automate IT and business processes by automatically adding/removing users from security groups based on their attributes
    • Passwordless authentication: Offers the following three passwordless authentication options that integrate with Azure AD - Windows Hello for Business, Microsoft Authenticator app and FIDO2 security keys.


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